who we are

We are a duo of french and japanese architects, sharing the same idea of experimenting new ways of creating architecture. We first met in 2013, during our exhange program in the Kyoto Institute of Technology, linked by the same japanese group of friends.

Sanae grew up between Japan and France, enhanced by the research of linking these countries trough art. She is constantly exploring new ways of drawing and representing architecture.

Alexandre is born and raised in Paris. In this multi-cultural city, he blooms in experimenting how architecture and its inhabitants can create a unique territory identity.

Together, we have the tools to be creative, disciplined, sensitive and forward-looking at the same time.

In a constant dialogue with your wishes, Maison N and Maison N+ work in tandem to provide a unique project.

sensitive design:

Sanae, with her sensitive point of view, is working using prototypes, and explores the balance of shapes, colours, materials and final volumes, in detail.

forward looking:

Alex, through his rigorous research and analysis, anticipates the scope of the project and questions his interest over time in an entrepreneurial and creative vision.