To support our architectural vision, our brand Maison N® is structured in two companies

Maison N is a company specialized in architecture and urban planning.

Areas of expertise:

architectural practice (design, construction and supervision)

urban planner (project manager)

and all missions relating to the act of building and spatial design.

Maison N+ is a commercial company specialized in art, small design and event management.

Areas of expertise:

artistic direction and scenography, design research and development

public relations consulting and communication

organization, design and production of all types of events.

our clients

AOC Faugères(winery appellation)
Gojo Mall(artists house in Kyoto)
Hermès France(art)
Hermès International(events and scenography)
Hermès Sellier(art and window display)
Jacques Ripault Architectes
La Compagnie Fortuite(theatre company)
LANOD(landscape architect)
Mio SHIBUYA(architect)
Nicolas PROFIT(designer)
U.A.P.S.(urban design office)
Architecture School of Paris La Villette
Architecture School of Versailles
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Seika University(Kyoto)
Waseda University(Tokyo)
La Maison de la Culture du Japon(MCJP)

our collaborators

Sirine AMMAR(artist and journalist)
Côme DI MEGLIO(artist)
Mylène ESCANDE(graphist and ceramist)
Cécile GRAY(architect and fashion designer)
Fabrice IDIART(chef)
IMI Productions(video producer)
L'Atelier Du Bouilleur(craftman distiller)
Stéphanie LY(textile designer)
Collectif Mains d’Œuvres(event diffuser)
Robin MARGERIN(artist and welder)
Taichi MURAKAMI(architect designer)
Pierre NESI(chef)
Thierry PAPEREUX(chocolate maker)
PLI(public organization and magazine)
Jean-Christophe QUINTON(architect)
Pierre RIPAULT(event manager)
Delphine ROQUE(architect)
Marie Yae SUEMATSU(ceramist)
Tatsuya SUGIMOTO(architect)
IMI Creative(this website builder)