Alexandre NESI and


Sanae Nicolas and Alexandre Nesi met at the Kyoto Institute of Technology following their master's studies in architecture. Following several years of experience in the world of art and decoration and in the world of architecture and urban planning respectively, Sanae and Alexandre put their skills in dialogue with MAISON-N®.

Sanae grew up between Japan and France, passionate about connecting these countries through art, constantly exploring new ways of creating and representing architecture. After graduating from the La Villette School of Architecture in 2016, she applied her knowledge and sensibility at Hermès for several years, collaborating and creating to produce window decorations and the scenography of international events. She also studied Japanese Language and Civilization in Tokyo for a year, during this time, she created her first artistic works that brought together language, translation and architecture.

Alexandre, after graduating from the Versailles School of Architecture in 2015, undertakes and experiments new lifestyles that meet the challenges of our time. After several years of work as part of the architectural team of the AUC Paris, he takes a large-scale social and environmental approach to architecture, responding to the needs of a community and its territory. Thanks to his rigorous research and analysis, he anticipates the scope of a project and questions its interest over time in an entrepreneurial and creative vision. Alexandre's working process combines the fields of architecture and urban planning with the world of art and craft design.

Together, MAISON N+ and MAISON N work in tandem between France and Japan to develop unique and delicate projects.


Alexandre NESI